Realm Embroidered Sweatshirt


Introducing the DBC x Laura Carter Realm Embroidered Sweatshirt. The crest designs have been exclusively designed for our collection meaning no one else has them, and are officially licensed by Laura Carter. They are available in the four different realms..

❄️ Vala
🍃 Garridon
🔥 Keres
🌊 Nerida

As these sweatshirt designs are based off the realms in Laura's book series, we won't be offering any thread colour changes - however if there is something you really do not like then please contact me. Despite this, you can customise the base colour from the variety of options and the placement of where you would like the crest.

Images are showing the ash grey sweatshirt with a chest (left side) placement.

Size Guide

All sweatshirts and tees in all colours are currently available in unisex S-2XL. I am able to get certain sweatshirt colours in sizes 3-5XL such as black, white, charcoal, red, baby pink, baby blue and ash grey. There are also some exclusive colours I am able to get in sizes up to 5XL: lemon, sapphire blue, bottle, navy, burgundy, purple and royal bluePlease contact me first so I can let you know what is available and if you would like to see further colour swatches for these.

These sweatshirts are oversized so please choose the size depending what fit you would like best.

See the size guide below (Chest”/Length”):

- S - 34/36" 

- M - 38/40" 

- L - 42/44" 

- XL - 46/48" 

- 2XL - 50/52"

- 3XL - 54/56" 

- 4XL - 58/60" 

- 5XL - 62/64"

Care Info

- All items are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fleece.

- Machine washable - wash on a 30 degree wash.

- Hang to dry - it is advised these items are left to air dry. You can tumble dry these items but please be aware if too hot this can cause shrinking.

- You can iron these items as I find they can sometimes crease from the washing machine. I advise ironing on a cooler setting.

- Embroidered at home, by me!