Hi everyone, and welcome to the dumb blonde club. My name is Chloe and I am the owner and have been running DBC alone since February 2019 and the journey so far has been amazing. I am a 25 year old fashion graduate and entering the fashion world after university was so tough, DBC started as a whim and just snowballed and it hasn't stopped since which is the best feeling ever.  Just a message to you to say never give up on your dreams, I still cannot believe I get to do my dream job every day - KEEP GOING.
Dumb Blonde Club is a handmade fashion brand based in Bedfordshire, England. I design and create everything in house and ship it to you guys within 7-20 working days.
"Dumb Blonde" is a well known saying that implies all blondes are stupid., The name "Dumb Blonde Club" stemmed from this but also from my fashion degree. There is quite a negative approach towards creative courses and I wanted to play on that, essentially making a joke of it.
Here at the dumb blonde club we do not discriminate due to hair colour, so wherever you are, whoever you are - come join the best club around.