✨ Dumb Blonde Club was founded in 2019 by me - Chloe, a fashion design graduate.

✨ I am a one woman brand.

✨ All items are designed by myself and freelance designers for DBC meaning it is exclusive and unique.

✨ Everything is embroidered and made in my little studio in Hertfordshire, UK.

✨ Made to order which means no mass production and this eliminates wasted products.

✨ Items are currently available in unisex sizes S-2XL (with some being available up to 5XL) but I am working on getting all items up to a 5XL over the next few years.

✨ Your orders are sent out to you in eco friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging. Compostable items can go in your food waste, recycle or compost bins.

✨ Dumb Blonde Club is pro-choice and will always and forever support the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour and use my platform to bring attention to situations where people may not be able to use their voices.

✨ My clothes have no gender, if you like it - wear it.


The DBC Ethos 🪴

Dumb Blonde Club is a one woman “slow fashion” brand, which also sells cute stationery and accessories. The clothing items are embroidered in my little studio in Hertfordshire. All of my items are made to order meaning there is no mass production which eliminates waste like we see in fast fashion companies. Obviously no brand is perfect, mistakes happen and item’s can get damaged during production, but I don’t ever throw those items away, they are saved, cut up into scraps and used to test out new designs for future collections.

I grew up in the generation that loves fast fashion, it was amazing how you could order something at 10pm and it arrived the next day, what a great idea - or so I thought. As I have got older and grown as a brand, I have become more educated on what is happening to our planet. I have realised that fast fashion is not amazing, and the wear once and throw it away mentality is frightening. I realised with festival fashion a lot of my items were only worn once and then put straight up for sale and some could have potentially just been thrown away. Don’t get me wrong I am glad the ones going up on sale are going to a new home but this is not want I wanted as a brand. I want to made good, high quality products that will last you YEARS, lets normalise wearing things more than once. Your DBC goodies are posted to you in fully recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly packaging. I currently use postal bags which are made from recycled postal waste but by the end of 2022 I will have transitioned into fully compostable packaging meaning you can pop your used DBC parcel bags into your food waste, recycle or compost bin! 🪴

Dumb Blonde Club is sadly not completely size inclusive brand - YET! Currently my clothing is available in unisex sizes S-2XL, with certain colours being available up to a 5XL. My hope is for everyone to be able to wear my sweatshirts and t-shirts and feel the best versions of themselves. Unfortunately it has been really difficult finding sizes above a 2XL in all of the colours I stock, but I am working on it and researching into how I can get these for you. I want to give you full transparency.

Finally, something that is very important to me and something I deep down know I haven’t done enough of is using my platform to discuss the topics of the world. I am learning more and more everyday about the issues of climate change and what it is doing to our planet so I will be addressing this more moving forward. Alongside this, equality is something I feel very passionately about in life and try to promote throughout my business. As I said before I know I haven’t discussed issues enough but I have always used my platform and will continue to do so more often to shed light on situations that need talking about. Dumb Blonde Club is proudly inclusive, pro choice, pro women’s rights, pro Black Lives Matter, pro LGBTQIA+. I will always stand with people of colour and the discriminations they face daily and will always be an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community and support those who struggle with mental health issues and disabilities. Although I am not in a position to hire anyone permanently, I will always create workspace opportunities where I can, such as modelling jobs. Please see the page “let’s talk” for more information on these topics, along with resources where you can find educational content and links on how to help. Love will always win.


The DBC Story 📚

Hi friends, I’m Chloe the founder, designer, creator and just about everything-er behind Dumb Blonde Club! I created the brand in 2019, and wow it has been a journey! If you’re an OG you will remember where it all began, but if you’re new let me tell you the mini story of DBC. This brand essentially began with a pair of two toned mesh flares that I made for one of my friends - people seemed to love them so I started a depop page and Dumb Blonde Club was born. Entering the fashion industry after graduating from university was so tough, no one seemed to be willing to give me an opportunity due to my lack of experience in the industry - so I made my own.

As the two tone flares were so new to the festival world it snowballed and I soon became a festival brand, launching lots of different funky collections. Then the dreaded 2020 happened - covid hit and everything was cancelled. Despite how bad this was on my business, on reflection it was an opportunity to expand and see where I could take it which led to loungewear sets. Fast forward to October 2020, I decided to take the plunge and invest in my first embroidery machine. The first collection launched in November and it has grown so much since then, we now have so many amazing collections!

Now you may be wondering about the name, let me explain..

"Dumb Blonde" is a well known saying that implies all blondes are stupid. The name "Dumb Blonde Club" stemmed from this but also from my fashion degree. There is quite a negative approach towards creative courses and I wanted to play on that, essentially making a joke of it.

Here at the dumb blonde club we do not discriminate due to hair colour, so wherever you are, whoever you are - come join the best club around.

So, that’s the story of DBC so far! I am so excited to see what’s going to happen next. Make sure you are following @thedumbblondeclub on Instagram and @dumbblondeclub on TikTok so you can keep up with my journey, it will be so fun to have you!