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DBC x Laura Carter 💫

I have worked with author Laura Carter to bring you the first ever licsensed merch collection. We spent so long creating these pieces and hope you love them as much as we do! It is based off Laura's "The Lost Kingdom Saga" series and focuses heavily on the realms!

Last Chance to Buy 🚨

As you may have seen, I am making a lot of changes here at DBC. I have decided to make room for new collections by putting a lot of items in a big 50% off sale. All items must go and once they are gone, they sadly will not be returning.

The Virtual Guides

Online shopping can be so difficult, especially when you're unsure what something will look like on your body type. I have chosen 5 models, all different shapes and sizes to give you the best shopping experience possible. Come meet the models..

The t-shirts and sweatshirts are currently available in 11 different options. To give you all the a better idea if a colour would suit you, I have created a "colour guide" to show you what you can get, and it also shows you how the colours look on different skin tones