Hi there - if you've stumbled across this page then you are most likely interested in getting some custom embroidery pieces for your brand which is super exciting.

Incase you are unsure about who I am and what I do, I wanted to explain in a little more detail! My name is Chloe and I own DBC - it started off with festival pieces but over lockdown I went into loungewear and then embroidered sweatshirts. I have grown over the last few months which has resulted in me getting better software which opens up a whole new world for me - a world where I can actually create funky pieces for other small brands! So far I have done several branded sweatshirts & hoodies for some small biz babes along with a wholesale order which was amazing!

Whether you would like your logo on an item or a custom design, both can be done! I always do a mock up of the idea on my software which I then send to you to approve for the first sample. First samples are done on scrap fabric to check the colours/size and if you are then happy we move onto the sample on the actual item. Once everything is confirmed we can move ahead with the order!

Please see a list below of some of the main items I can customise. The price will vary on the size of the design you are after along with how long it is going to take. Some may be more or less so just take this as a rough guide for now and we can discuss these in more detail!

Ideas of Items:

- T-Shirts (£20-26)
- Sweatshirts (£30-38)
- Hoodies (£36-40)
- Aprons (£15-18)
- Tote Bags (£14-16)

If you would like to move forward with any of these items please contact me via email (info@dumbblondeclub.co.uk) or instagram (@thedumbblondeclub) to discuss details such as the design, sizes, colours, threads etc. All of these items are made to order and can take up to 20 working days along with all the other items on the website!

Wholesale Orders:

As I am a small brand myself, the wholesale orders will work slightly differently to the "one off" pieces. There is a minimum of 10 items per order, anything less will be classed as standard pricing but 10 items or more counts as wholesale. You don't have to get 10 of the same item so if you would like to mix things up that is possible. I will supply the items plus embroidery for the wholesale orders.

Depending how many items you order I will then book however many days I believe it will take to complete the pieces and get them to you as soon as possible. This all depends on how busy I am with my own work so we will need to discuss options for when you want to launch etc. Once complete you can either come collect your order if you aren't too far away from me, or we can arrange a collection via postal services!

You can also send me fabric labels to sew in if you would rather have your own but if not then I can either add mine in or leave them plain. 

Please note, just a friendly reminder - I won't be handing out details of suppliers as I have worked super hard to find them and built up a solid relationship with mine but I am more than happy to point you in the right direction if you are wanting to research into where to find the items for me to embroider. I will always send information about size guides, colours, thread colours too. 

If you would like to enquire about a wholesale order please fill out the form here.

Thank you,

Chlo x