Care Info 🧺

One of my main goals moving forward with my brand was to reduce my waste in my packaging, because realistically who wants/needs 10 different pieces of paper in their parcels?!
If you have found this page then yipee, you've either received your order which has included a QR code linking you to this page, or you have just found it through the site.

Instead of placing a care card for each of my different collections with your order, here is my care info extravaganza page - everything you need to know about caring for your DBC garments.

I have created little profiles for each of the fabrics I use making it easy for you to understand what you need to do so here's a breakdown of what you're going to get..
- the name of the fabric + the collections that include it
- the properties of the fabric
- how to care for your items: wash, dry and iron the fabric
- my tips and tricks

Due to having different suppliers there are "repeats" of some fabrics but they do differ ever so slightly therefore I feel it is needed to have different profiles for each. Each listing does explain how to care for your item too but this is just more in depth.If you are still unsure please don't hesitate to contact me via instagram (@thedumbblondeclub) or email (