Small Biz Club Social Sticker Sheet


Small Biz Club - Social Sticker Sheet

Getting on top of your small business can be overwhelming, and not having a set out plan can be less time effective, and we need all the time we can get! Small Biz Club has been created as I was struggling to keep on top of everything in my business and I wanted to help myself and other brands too.

This is a A6 sticker sheet mainly featuring the two biggest social media platforms for small businesses: Instagram & TikTok with little extras for twitter and Facebook. Social media can be a difficult one to crack, especially with all the algorithm changes all the time. It can make you feel disheartened when you don’t get many likes, views or shares - but don’t get up. We live in a generation where using these apps can be super beneficial and a really good way to grow. Use these stickers in your weekly or monthly planner to help get on top of content creation, planning your feed, posting and going live. 

It has been designed exclusively for DBC by @leskoletsgo meaning no one else has it.

Key Features:

- Size: A6 (10.5cm X 14.8cm)

- Gloss Finish

- Waterproof

This is part of a collection of 3 sticker sheets, available to purchase in a bundle which will get you a small discount but all items are available to purchase separately. Planners are also available to help take your organisation to the next level. All items come in compostable packaging.

Photographed by @lucyrosetindall.