Small Biz Club Vinyl Sticker


Introducing the Small Biz Club vinyl sticker, this is a transparent sticker with a gloss finish so the colours really pop.

You can add this onto your pin boards, walls, planners, iPads, phones or laptops to let everyone know you're a member of the small biz club. Due to the properties of the stickers these are waterproof and have a UV screening to protect from the sunlight meaning you can have them on windows, outdoor bins or even in or on your cars! These are exclusively designed for DBC - meaning no one else has them! 

Key Features:

🌸 Size: 10.5x5cm

🌸 Mirror

🌸 Waterproof

🌸 2-4 year outdoor life

🌸 A PVC free product

Photographed by @lucyrosetindall.