Dark Academia Book Genre Vinyl Sticker Pack


Introducing the Dark Academia Book Genre Vinyl Sticker Pack, which includes icons from the popular bookmarks. This pack contains 7 different designs including: satchel, glasses, globe, bow, compass, ink and quill & typewriter which all vary in size and have all been exclusively designed for DBC.

These are the perfect size to decorate your kindles, or even to spice up your laptops, phones, iPads or phones. They would also be great to add into any journals or planners. 

Key Features:

🌸 Sizes Vary Between 1.4-4.8cm

🌸 Matte Paper [400gsm]

🌸 Matte Finish

🌸 Premium Paper

🌸 White Border Round the Designs

All sticker packs are made to order, and printed at home by myself meaning that there is a big reduction in waste as I am not over ordering products. They are packaged in glassine bags which are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable meaning the planet has a little less to worry about.