You Grow Girl - GRL PWR Tote Bag


You Grow Girl - GRL PWR Tote Bag

Here at DBC, it's all about GIRL POWER. What better what to show you stand for empowerment than a cute DBC t-shirt to wear this summer. I don't know about you but the Spice Girls ENGRAINED girl power into me when I was growing up. So tell me what you want? What you really really want? A GRL PWR tote?!

Spice up your bag for life with this adorable girl power tote bag, it's size is 38x42cm with super long handles meaning it is perfect to fit all of your personal goodies in. Bags for life just got cuter. They are available in 12 different colours meaning there is something for everyone. Each tote is embroidered at home on my machine meaning it can be fully customisable, you may want a completely different colour palette instead of pinks & purples.

Images are showing the lilac tote bag.

Designed by @leskoletsgo for DBC.