Semi Colon (Tees & Sweatshirts)


This collection was initially made to raise money to help Royston the help he needed for his mental health. Sadly, Royston lost his battle with mental health on the 28th September and the family are in need of some help to raise funeral costs. I am relaunching this collection to try help them get to the final milestone they need to give him the send off he deserves. Alternatively there is a go fund me which you can donate directly to which I will link here where you can also read a little more about the story.

A little background into Roy and his story. I was lucky enough to meet Roy through my small business friend Cherish, they were our surrogate mum and dad and he always put a smile on everyones faces. Roy was subject to some horrendous situations throughout his life which has all led up to this point. I have linked the previous go fund me here so you can read in more depth about his story. This collection was designed alongside Cherish and Roy. 


Each sweatshirt/tee is embroidered at home on my machine meaning it can be fully customisable. If you don't wish to have the same thread colour as the ones shown in the images there is the option to change this. Simply choose your base out of the list provided and leave me a little note if you want to have different thread colours. We also have an exclusive colour: Irish Green as green is the colour for mental health.

The semi colon is used to represent when an author could have ended the sentence but decided to carry on writing, the semi colon represents you. The Examples of words to use: CONT;NUE, BEL;EVE, WARR;OR

Images are showing the ash grey sweatshirt with teal thread.

Size Guide

All sweatshirts are currently available in unisex S-2XL. I am able to get certain colours in sizes 3-5XL but please contact me first so I can let you know what is available. These sweatshirts are oversized so please choose the size depending what fit you would like best.

See the size guide below (Chest”/Length”):

- S - 34/36" 

- M - 38/40" 

- L - 42/44" 

- XL - 46/48" 

- 2XL - 50/52"

- 3XL - 54/56" 

- 4XL - 58/60" 

- 5XL - 62/64"

Colours available in 3XL-5XL: black, white, sky blue, navy, royal blue, sapphire blue, purple, bottle green, charcoal, ash grey, red, burgundy, orange and yellow.

Care Info

- All items are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fleece.

- Machine washable - wash on a 30 degree wash.

- Hang to dry - it is advised these items are left to air dry. You can tumble dry these items but please be aware if too hot this can cause shrinking.

- You can iron these items as I find they can sometimes crease from the washing machine. I advise ironing on a cooler setting.

- Embroidered at home, by me!