Florals? For Spring? Vinyl Sticker


Introducing the Florals? For Spring? vinyl sticker. This vinyl sticker has a gloss finish with features of holographic vinyl. Inspired by the queen herself (Meryl Streep of course) this sticker has been designed as an homage to the iconic quote. It is exclusively designed for DBC - meaning no one else has it!

The perfect addition to spice up your laptops, iPads, games consoles or kindles and it is also perfect for journalling or adding to your planners. Due to the properties of the stickers these are waterproof and have a UV screening to protect from the sunlight meaning you can have them on windows, outdoor bins or even in or on your cars!

Key Features:

🌸 Size: 8x8cm

🌸 Holographic

🌸 Waterproof

🌸 2-4 year outdoor life

🌸 A PVC free product

Photographed by @lucyrosetindall.