A4 Monthly Planner


Life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes and if you're like me you absolutely love a list. These planners have been created alongside the Small Biz Club collection to help people get on top of everything - I know not everyone has a small business so I wanted to create standard versions too.

Get organised, plan what you need to do and treat yourself to the monthly planner. It can help you get on top of your current month out but with the glued top the pages can easily be turned over before ripping, meaning you can plan further in advance. At the top right hand side of the planner you have a "month" box for you to fill in what month it is and the page is split in to 7 columns titled "Monday to Friday" with 5 rows of boxes. The 35 boxes are spacious and feature a little circle in the top left of each of them meaning you can pop in the date.

It has 52 thick paper pages which can easily be torn off due to the glued top when you are ready to start the next page, and has a thick cardboard backing. As this planner has 52 pages that means you are getting just over 4 years worth of monthly planner pages for £14 - what a bargain!

The colour palette is a classic pastel DBC but still soft enough so you can see all of your notes and features cute little doodles. It has been designed exclusively for DBC - meaning no one else has it.

Key Features:

- Easy to Tear (glued at the top with a cardboard backing)

- 52 Pages

- 120gsm Paper

- A4: 29.7x21cm

This is part of a collection of 3 planners, available to purchase in a bundle which will get you a small discount but all items are available to purchase separately. Planner stickers are also available to help take your organisation to the next level. All items come in compostable packaging. 

Photographed by @lucyrosetindall.